First and foremost, I praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for enabling me to write the lyrics, compose music and helping me in produce this audio album.

I’d like to thank Bro. Job Das David & Sis Annie Job (DLCA, Hyderabad), and Bro. Renalds Babu (Guntur) for lending their voice for Prayer, Greetings, and Comments respectively for the audio album.

My sincere thanks to Bro.J.K. Christopher, his team of musicians and sound engineers for providing such an extraordinary music delight through this album.

My special thanks to all the below mentioned singers who have contributed to this album by lending their voices.

Hema John (Chennai), Lilian Christopher (Hyderabad), Hana Joyce (Hyderabad), Malavika (Hyderabad), Sheba (Hyderabad) , Dorcas (Kurnool), Aaron Jeshurun (Hyderabad), Dinker (Hyderabad), Rajesh (West Godavari), Jason (Kurnool)

I’d also like to thank the Elders, Evangelists & members of Christian assemblies with whom I have fellowship, and also the prayer partners, relatives, friends, and well-wishers.

Last but not the least, I’d like to thank my parents – Budala Samuel Johnson & Ruth Johnson, mother in law – Mrs. Shobha Philip, and other family members for their encouragement and support.

Glory be to our God Almighty.

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