Songs & Singers

Songs & Singers

1. Naa Balamaa (నా బలమా): Don’t know where you’re heading? This song is a prayer of a believer, who looks upon the Lord for help, as he sojourns in this worldly pilgrimage.

Sung by: Sis. Hema John

2. Yesuraaju Nadipinchunu (యేసు రాజు నడిపించును):  Dear friend, are you  going through trials & tribulations in your life? Listen to this song, and be uplifted in spirit!

Sung by: Bro. Aaron Jeshurun and Sis. Lilian Christopher

3. Samayamundagaane (సమయముండగానే):  Dear brother/sister, are you saved? Do you understand the need of salvation? Are you postponing your commitment to the Lord? Then, here is a message for you!

Sung by: Sis. Malavika

4. Yavanasthulam (యౌవనస్తులం):  Dear young man/woman, are you battling against the enemy? This song will equip you to lead a victorious life.

Sung by: Bro. Dinker

5. Aascharyakarudaa (ఆశ్చర్యకరుడా): Around 2000 years ago, when Lord Jesus Christ was on this earth, he healed the sick and performed many miracles. Listen to this song to understand how you can spiritually imply these miracles, in your daily walk of life.

Sung by: Sis. Hana Joyce

6. Krupaamayudaa (కృపామయుడా):  Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed himself on the cross for you and me. While we reflect on what he has done for us, let us praise and worship Him through this song.

Sung by: Sis. Sheba

7. Raaraaju (రారాజు):  Do you know that, Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again? This song equips us for His second coming.

Sung by: Bro. Rajesh

8. Lord I come:  Are you enjoying Lord’s presence, in your daily walk of life? This song helps you draw closer to the Lord.

Sung by: Bro. Jason and Sis. Dorcas